October 14, 2009
by Nathan Whitehouse (nw08)

Lots of updates.

Some week and a half ago I started modeling a ‘test’ level. I had downloaded blender, but was finding it difficult to pick up. Then I remembered a program I had downloaded a long time ago called Cheetah 3D. I opened it up and found it easy to pick up; over a few hours I eventually found myself with a little maze level. Of course, I hadn’t tried to save yet (bad practice, I know, but I had been more tinkering than building), and when I did I was greeted with the message that saving is prohibited in the trial version.

I left the level open for about two days before finally plunking down the cash to buy a Cheetah license. Of course, I didn’t end up using that original level, but I now have all the tools I need to create assets and animate them. The project isn’t focused on that aspect, meaning they likely will be ugly and basic, but I think when I set out I underestimated how limited I would be without spending some of my time creating assets.

I’ve also added a sight radius in addition to a hearing radius for the enemies – if you are within their ‘cone of vision,’ they can detect you from much farther away, but only if there is nothing blocking their sight (this is an imperfect system; I’ll blog a little about it when I have more than a minute).

I’ve also been busy with a combination of work for another class, but I’ve gotten past the rough part of that.

Forthcoming in the next few days is a description of what I hope final gameplay to be like, and some research discussion.

And a link to a webplayer! I promise!


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