The Doors

October 20, 2009
by Nathan Whitehouse (nw08)

Door Closed…

Door open!

The door and control panel are both modeled by me; I’ve been putting together a complete asset list and trying to get those out of the way early. I’m not spending much time on detail.

The control panel object you see can be linked to a door, and interacting with it using an ‘interact’ key causes the door to either open or close.

I’ve been having extreme problems with making the AI not be able to see through walls. I thought I had it down, but then AI weirdness, like suddenly standing still and inching away slowly from the player, or rocking back and forth, started showing up, and since then it’s been nothing but a headache.

The idea was to cast a line between the enemy and the player. If a collider was detected in between them, then the AI would not see the player even if they were in the AI’s theoretical field of vision. I am not completely sure what is going on, and I’ve tried many methods of this implementation, and done things like cast the ray (or line) from an empty game object above the enemy’s head so that terrain wasn’t getting in the way (he’s a stubby little guy). I’ve let this slow me down for a while, though, so now I’m trying to sort of play catch up on the non-AI design work I have to do. In my original plan, assets and gameplay specifics were supposed to come later. To some degree they still are; I won’t be able to know what the AI can do in the end until I try to make it do it. But right now I’m trying to get all the pieces I can done.

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